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The Story

Reckless Bike Stores first retail store (Fir Street) opened its doors in 1986. Today, in Vancouver our two stores continue our tradition of exceptional service. Our growth and success is due to a simple formula–a welcoming atmosphere, good advice, and top-quality cycling products.

At Reckless we want to make your cycling experience a success too. Our friendly staff will help you choose the right bike and accessories to fit your requirements. We stay up-to-date on the latest technology, but aren’t afraid to recommend the tried and true either. Our approach–finding what works for you, helping you make the right decisions for your needs and budget, and offering ongoing service and support–will make your cycling purchases sensible investments in a rewarding activity.

Whether you’ve spent years in the saddle, or are just starting out, we want you to find the right products and get the right advice to suit your cycling needs. Stop by one of our stores, give us a call, or send us an email. We look forward to talking bikes with you!

The Reckless Manifesto

Ride Happy

Riding a bike will make you happy. When you pedal, your heart pushes more blood to your brain. The endorphins start to flow. Before you know it, you’re smiling. You feel good all over. Give yourself this gift. You deserve it.

Pro-bike, not Anti-car

We have cars too. But parking can be hellish and traffic even worse. Transit is often crowded, or doesn’t get you where you need to be. And, sometimes, walking just takes too long. Choosing the appropriate technology for each trip makes perfect sense. Often, a bicycle is simply the best way to get where you’re going.

The Journey Has Value

Getting there is half the fun they say. It’s even truer when you cycle. Adventures no longer require an expensive plane trip to another country or a stressful drive out of town. On a bike, mini-adventures and small epiphanies are just another part of your day. You notice things. Small things. Important things. After a while, you realize just how important the small things are.

Embrace Everything

A street perfumed by cherry blossoms. A soundtrack supplied by singing birds and laughing children. True knowledge of your world. Where the hills are. The subtle changes in each passing season. This is the kind of wisdom that’s hard to acquire on a bus or in a car. Don’t know what you’re missing? Get on your bike and find out.

Reclaim Your Pace

Compared to the bus or a car, a bicycle lets you do the impossible. Riding along and see a friend on the sidewalk? Pull over and say hello. Need a few things from the store? Lock your bike out front, rather than circle the block in search of parking. No time for the gym? Ride a little harder on your way home from work and reap the benefits of time saved and fitness gained. Live at your own speed and happiness comes along for the ride.

Our People

Paul Dragan owns Reckless Bike Stores. He’s a guy with one goal in mind. More people riding more bikes, more often. Not just because it’s good business, but also because cycling is Paul’s passion. His love of bikes blossomed when he was a competitive cyclist. Now, that same drive to lead the pack motivates him to make cycling accessible to all and fuels his commitment to making Reckless Bike Stores great places to shop for cycling products.

Like all good leaders, Paul walks his talk, almost always commuting by bike, whether he’s headed to one of the Reckless locations or the many meetings in his schedule. Paul’s successes give him opportunities to give back to the cycling community too. He’s a valued member of the City of Vancouver’s Bicycle Advisory Committee. As a Director of the Bicycle Trade Association of Canada (BTAC), Dragan represents fellow retailers at the national level. Most recently, as Vice-President of the Third Wave Cycling consulting group, Paul’s expertise is helping cities and municipalities understand how better cycling infrastructure is a great investment and a perfect way to deliver quality of life improvements and economic benefits to their regions.

Every employee at Reckless shares Paul’s desire to make cycling a viable option for all who choose to ride. We build on that motivation with comprehensive training–to couple enthusiasm for cycling with expertise regarding our products, service, and commitment to customer satisfaction. We also make it a point to offer a wide range of bikes for all ages and styles of riding, including our own line of Rek-Tek bicycles and “Dragan Tails” kids bikes. Our rental fleet features bikes for off-road, racing, or leisure riding. Reckless is a proud supporter of many cycling events in our region and you will often see our big blue ‘Service on Four Wheels’ van delivering on-the-spot service to cyclists at community rides and festivals.