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Ticket 4 Ride


Use Your Parking Ticket To Get A Discount On Your Next Bike

Being the owner of a motor vehicle in Vancouver can be an expensive and even a challenging ordeal.  From the cost of gas and insurance to the frustrations associated with traffic congestion and lack of parking, it can be a trying time indeed. But perhaps the most annoying aspect of car ownership is receiving the dreaded parking ticket.  And with the city issuing close to 400,000 parking tickets each year it seems that there are many of us that can relate to this pain.

Plus, to add insult to injury, on January first of this year the city raised the minimum penalty (if paid within 14 days) by 20%.  Parking meters generate a significant amount of revenue for the city coffers, hauling in over $50 million last year. On top of that, the tickets issued (based on 2015 statistics) brought the city another $17 million…and that’s just from the violators who paid.

To help provide some form of relief we’re allowing anyone who has received a City of Vancouver By-Law Notice for parking (aka parking ticket) to repurpose it as a discount voucher.  From June 15 to July 16, 2017 you can walk into any of the three Reckless Bikes Stores in the city, present your original City of Vancouver parking ticket and receive a discount (on any adult bike instore) equivalent the face value of the penalty amount on the ticket–up to a total value of $105.  We call this, appropriately enough, the Ticket4Ride...and that’s what it’s literally all about.

Terms & Conditions

Limited time offer, valid June 15 to July 16 2017. Some conditions apply ask in store for more details. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Valid towards a discount on the (adult) bicycle only; not valid towards purchase of accessories. One ticket per transaction. Total value not to exceed $105. The City of Vancouver is not affiliated and does not endorse this promotion. Showing your ticket and receiving a discount does not reduce or eliminate the amount of the ticket. You are still responsible to pay the amount owing on your parking ticket…because we’re nice, but not that nice.


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