Nihola Low Cargo Bike


The nihola Low cargo bike, 24 821, is specially designed for easy and stable solo riding and comes as standard with low entry (42 cm) – like the top picture to the right. Extra low entry (32 cm) can be selected instead at extra cost.

The nihola Low can be fitted with a child bench in the cabin and is available with custom pedals and much more.

*Plus $325 Shipping and Assembly

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Looking for the ultimate tricycle for handling and stability? If so, the Nihola Low is your bike! Most tricycles sold on the market are cheaper “Delta” designs, where the two wheels are in the back with one wheel at the front. These bikes tend to have a high (unstable) center of gravity and poor cornering, and because the rear wheels aren’t visible, it’s really hard to steer around potholes. Like all Nihola bikes, the Low is a “Tadpole” design; the two wheels are in the front, the center of gravity is very low (hence the name!) and because the two front wheels steer in unison, the control and cornering is best-in-class. And, because the cargo bin is in the front, you can always keep an eye on your shopping!

The perfect grocery bike, the Low is handmade in Copenhagen from powder-coated steel and a lightweight Lexan cargo box. The Low features Nihola’s independent steering, giving you the stability of three wheels with the agile performance of a two-wheel cargo bike.

Supplied with maintenance-free components and durable materials throughout, the Low keeps repairs to a minimum. A Shimano V-brake on the rear and Sturmey Archer Drum Brakes on the front are strong and dependable, while the brilliant Shimano Nexus 8 speed internal geared hub means no worries year-round whatever the weather.