Nihola Dog Cargo Bike


The nihola Dog cargo bike was developed for transporting dogs. The aluminium front door can be opened, so a dog can easily go in and out of the cabin itself.

*Plus $325 Shipping and Assembly



The Nihola Dog is specially designed to transport your dogs with ease. The Dog is based on the best-selling Nihola Family but utilizes an aluminum front door so your canine companion can easily enter and exit the cargo box on their own. The Dog is lightweight, fast, maneuverable, low maintenance, and will make trips to the dog park more fun and exciting for you and your pets. Hand-made in Copenhagen from a strong powder coated steel frame with a lightweight Lexan plastic cargo box, it is coupled with fantastic independent steering. This gives the bike the stability of a three wheeled cargo bike but the agility and handling of a two-wheeler.

Supplied with maintenance-free components and durable materials throughout, the Dog keeps repairs to a minimum. A Shimano V-brake on the rear and Sturmey Archer Drum Brakes on the front are strong and dependable, while the brilliant Shimano Nexus 8 speed internal geared hub means no worries year-round whatever the weather.

The large cargo box has a 100kg capacity with a large Aluminum door for easy access. Fit an optional removable bench and you have plenty of space for two kids and your dog and with the ability to fit any rider from 5’4″ to 6’4″, you can really see why trips to the park with your best friend will never be the same again.