Nihola 4.0 Disc Cargo Bike


The Nihola 4.0 takes the ever popular Nihola Family and stretches it out to fit more children. The 4.0 uses the same lightweight, fast, maneuverable frame (and low maintenance) components as the Family, but the larger cargo box can fit four kids on the dual benches and a stack more shopping.


*Plus $325 Shipping and Assembly



The nihola 4.0 is a cargo bike for families and institutions.

The nihola 4.0 can carry up to 120kg and there is room for four children up to 7-8 years on the two benches.
As an alternative a carry cot or car seat can be used in the bottom of the cabin and two children or an adult can sit on the bench. The nihola 4.0 can also carry a stroller.

The cabin that encloses and protects the children, provides good security, as the frame is structured as a closed double tube frame without corners consisting of a top and bottom frame that is welded together with vertical steel sections.

The nihola 4.0 has the same stable riding mechanism as our other products and is constructed with front support legs when parked. Moreover, it comes with a low entrance for children.


Technical specifications

  • Total length: 230cm
  • Total width: 89cm
  • Weight: 37 kg
  • Max. load: 120 kg + rider
  • Box height: 50 cm
  • Max. width in cabin: 62cm
  • Max. length in cabin: 106cm
  • Height from cabin floor to rain hood: 94cm – 104cm
  • Height from child bench to rain hood: 68cm – 78cm