Babboe Carve electric Cargo Bike


The ideal combination between a two-wheeler and a three-wheeler!

The Carve Mountain is the latest and greatest cargo bike from Babboe. Combining the surefooted stability of the three wheeled Curve with the fantastic controlled maneuverability of the two wheeled City. The addition of the powerful Yamaha 250w mid-drive electric assist motor can get you up to speed no matter how much weight you are carrying and then stop on a dime with the powerful hydraulic disc brakes.

*Plus $325 Shipping and Assembly



The best of both worlds: the stability of a three-wheel cargo bike combined with the agility of a two-wheel cargo bike. The ‘carve mechanism’ lets the box tilt with the bike when taking corners, so it feels as if you were riding a two-wheeler. A unique cycling experience with excellent road holding!

 Suitable for 1-2 children
 Stable, yet agile
 Unique ‘carve-mechanism’
 Electric pedal assistance