What is a Gravel Bike

Reckless Bikes is your Gravel Bike Expert

This is a question that comes up a lot at Reckless bikes, as the gravel bike movement has made this type of bike very trendy and popular.

So what is a Gravel bike? The most general way to describe this bike, is a drop bar road bike that has been optimized for off-pavement riding. Many people like these bikes for varied conditions, bike packing, touring and distance riding that will see a mix of terrain.

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Major differences are in the detail. A true gravel bike will be built strong and tougher, being able to handle larger shock and impact loads on the frame.

Gravel bikes will also feature different gearing then a traditional road bike, often with a single chain ring, versus road bikes that will always have two chain rings. The advantage will be the ability to ride with heavier loads when touring, as well as the ability to climb steeper grades. The disadvantage is a much higher pedaling cadence at high speeds and limited top-end torque. When riding pavement on moderate downhill sections your speed will be greatly limited to gravity coasting.

Finally, you find bigger fatter tires and more tread on gravel bikes, which often means a wider fork, and seat stays to accommodate the bigger dimension wheels.

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