Tern Bikes Accessories Guide

Tern ebikes are workhorse cargo ebikes designed for busy families that need a fulltime transportation solution. built tough and built to last, Tern GSD and Tern HSD models are designed as a base platform that can then be built up with accessories. Here's a guide to the typical accessories that most Tern owners add to their bikes. Reckless bikes is a certified Tern dealer and either has in stock or can order all accessories.


This popular accessory allows you to transport a passenger, adult or child, on the back rack of your Tern. The side bars provide protection and grab handles for the passenger and the comfortable backrest ensures a safe ride.


Paired back a bit from the Captain's chair, this accessory provides sidebars for young passengers, and alternatively can double as a luggage and cargo solution, as it can support large boxes or packages.


Available in 37L or 52L sizes, a pair of panniers designed to fit your Tern's rack will greatly increase the functionality and productivity of your cargo bike. Built from heavy and sturdy materials, these panniers are designed to stand up to the heaviest of use.


This is a must accessory when adding passengers to the rear of your bike. Wheel guards are designed to keep feet, pants and other objects clear of the rear wheel.


Although the Tern GSD already comes with foot supports for passengers, we recommend up-grading to the sidekick wide decks, that widen the foot supports on the side of the bike. If traveling with adults and the captain's chair, this accessory is a must for safety and comfort.


If you plan on using your Tern cargo bike for heavy loads and transporting children, we highly recommend adding lockstand extensions to your dual kickstand. This accessory adds additional stability to your Tern when parked for loading or unloading.


Vancouver is a wet city. Fortunately, Tern has come up with the ultimate solution. Keeping kids comfortable, safe and dry on your cargo bike can be a challenge. Adding the storm shield accessory is a full enclosure, when combined with the clubhouse creates a warm and dry passenger compartment. Made from light materials, the storm shield is easily removed and stored when not needed.


An essential accessory to maximize your carrying capacity, the Tern front rack is a heavy duty cargo unit that is bolted directly into the bike's frame. Maximum strength and stability, this rack is designed for heavy lifting and engineered along with your GSD to ensure full compatibility.

The world of accessorizing your Tern GSD or HSD is big and extensive. We look forward to greeting you in our showroom to further discuss how these bikes can change your life! our expert staff have built dozens of Tern bikes over the years, and have many testimonials from our customers that help us pick the best combination for you.