ebikes Equipped with Bosch Drivetrains

At Reckless bikes we always encourage our customers to choose ebikes equipped with Bosch ebike systems. The most reliable, best performing drive train system, paired with the warranty and factory support you would expect from a company like Bosch.

We sell three primary brands that are equipped Bosch drivetrains:


Named after the Arctic Tern, known for extreme distances of travel and migration, the name perfectly suits the mission statement of Tern bikes. Specializing in Cargo and folding bikes, Tern is based in Taiwan and has distribution centers around the world.


Founded in 1892, this legendary bike company from the Netherlands is one of the most popular and celebrated bikes companies in Europe. Paired with Bosch, these bikes are workhorses designed for both casual social cycling, as well as heavy daily use.



Found by Benno Baenziger who is originally from Berlin, Benno bikes is a California based cargo, utility and ebike brand. We've seen great success with Benno and are proud to be one of their Canadian retailers.

 Visit us in Yaletown or Kitsilano to experience the quality of Bosch ebike Systems.