Bosch ebike Battery UL Certified

There is a great concern with ebikes and ebike batteries, that they pose a risk of fire when stored or charged indoors. While these incidences have happened on occasion, the frequency is very low, and typically with lower quality products.

Bikes sold at Reckless and that are powered by Bosch, have been certified by UL Standards (Underwriters Laboratories), a safety organization that rigorously tests consumer products and certifies them safe for use.


While many brands certify only their batteries, Bosch certifies its entire electrical system to the rigorous UL 2849 safety standard. Additionally, all batteries are certified
to UL 2271. The benefit of system-level testing and certification is to provide protection and the peace of mind that goes with it.

What is UL 2849?

Certification of the complete electrical system of an eBike to UL 2849 safety standard means that all parts of the system have been evaluated, tested and confirmed to meet
the safety criteria’s set in the standard to reduce risk and hazards.

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