Bike Rentals Vancouver: The Seawall

Stretching 22 kilometers from Kitsilano beach and around Stanley Park to the Vancouver Convention Centre, The Vancouver Seawall is world's longest uninterrupted waterfront path. This feature of our city is a major tourist attraction and is best enjoyed by bicycle or ebike. Reckless bikes is located less then a minute from the seawall in False Creek, making us a great option when renting bikes for the family. Here are a few great highlights:


The Vancouver Seawall features mileage and kilometer markers around the Stanley Park portion. This makes the seawall ideal for those training for the Sun Run, or other 10 kilometer running events. Can you spot them all on your ride?


Stanley Park features two famous lighthouses for navigation into the harbor. Brockton Point is at the East end of the park and overlooks the North Shore.

Prospect Point can be found underneath the Lionsgate Bridge, Vancouver's version of the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. This is the narrowest point over Vancouver Harbor and the gateway to our commercial shipping hub. 


If you have the legs to climb, it's well worth the ride up to the Prospect Point look out. From here you can look down on the Lions Gate Bridge, harbor traffic, and if you're lucky you might even spot a seaplane headed for Victoria or a cruise ship on its way to Alaska.


This famous Vancouver landmark over looks English Bay, and is thought to resemble a young boy chief, who, legend has it, was cast into stone as punishment for disobeying the men of the Sagalie Tyee. The Squamish name for the rock is Slhx̱i7lsh, and the story is a famous First Nations myth. For the full story, you can visit Legends of Vancouver website.


Originally filled with salt water, this famous city outdoor pool is now filled with freshwater and heated. A favorite for swimmers of all ages, families and athletics, this pool is open for everyone. When reaching the Second Beach Pool by bike, you'll want to look out for the signage that sends you counter-clockwise around the park.



When touring the seawall, it's important to note that the bike path runs counter-clockwise. When arriving at the Second Beach Pool, make sure you look out for the signs that direct you along the correct path. You'll know you are headed in the right direction if you end up with Lost Lagoon to your right. This portion of Stanley Park was originally open to the ocean, but was eventually filled in for traffic and pedestrian routes. The lagoon is all that remains and is now home to ducks, wildlife and other birds.

We hope you enjoy your time in Vancouver, and be sure to ask our staff any other questions you may have!