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How to Buy a Bike

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Bicycles are versatile machines. We’ve got bikes for the urban enthusiast, the weekend day-tripper, the beat-the-car commuter, the off-road adventure rider, those seeking something unique, and little bike-tykes too! The following is a guide to purchasing your first or your fifth bicycle.

The following is a guide to purchasing your first or your fifth bicycle.

At Reckless we carry our own Rektek and Dragan Tails bikes, plus major manufacturers such as Brodie, KHS, Marin, and Fuji. You can also find specialty lines such as folding bikes from Dahon, Montague, KHS and electric bikes from Ultramotor, Ohm, and Bionx. Here is our guide to the appropriate bike for your favourite form of cycling. Our sensible advice, expert knowledge, and personal attention will ensure it’s the right bike for you!

The following is a general list containing the type of bike you may be looking for.

General Use

A hybrid bike is your best choice. It combines the easy-rolling wheels of a road bike with the upright riding position of a mountain bike or cruiser. The combination lets you go faster and further with less effort, eliminates strain on your back and arms, and makes it easier for you to see and be seen.


To incorporate some trail riding into your cycling experience, choosing a mountain bike with front suspension gives you the best of both worlds. You’ll lose a bit of the hybrid’s speed, but gain control and comfort when pavement turns to dirt. If off-road adventures are going to be your main focus, dual suspension bikes offer the performance features to tame the toughest trails.


Road racing, triathlons, and bike touring all call for specific design attributes and frame geometries. Racers and triathletes benefit from an aerodynamic position, while touring bikes deliver a more comfort-driven geometry and the necessary fittings for racks and panniers.


Style over speed is the cruiser’s motto. Super comfortable, but definitely not a contender to win any races. The perfect sight-seeing, seawall-riding machine for casual rides around town. Looking cool with retro flair is the icing on the cake.


Start the kids off in a trailer and move up to a trail-a-bike as soon as they’re ready to pedal. It turns Mom or Dad’s bike into an instant tandem whenever it’s cycling time. When they’re old enough to ride on their own, our Dragan Tails childrens’ bicycles are a hit with kids. The smile on a child’s face when they experience the joy of riding their very own bike is priceless. Parents will appreciate our commitment to value.

Electric Bikes

Electric-assist bikes are an ideal choice for people with physical limitations, those who feel they may not have the fitness level to tackle regular cycling, anyone who wants to arrive at work without breaking a sweat or needs to tow kids and cargo around town. The latest models feature light-weight, efficient lithium-ion batteries and powerful motors. A great way to take the sting out of hilly terrain!

“Fun-usual” Bikes

Double your fun with a tandem. Two riders and one bike means less effort, makes it easier to talk to your riding partner, and rewards teamwork with a unique riding experience. A sturdy folding bike offers cycling freedom in a compact package for traveling or easy storage. Want to realize those childhood circus dreams? Skip the chain and handlebars and join the growing legion of unicycle fans.


Bicycles come in a few different sizes–to match the majority of people. Many cyclists can find a good fit right out of the box. Overall, the most important factor is your leg length, followed by the type of riding you plan to do. Aggressive, performance-minded riders sometimes prefer a slightly smaller frame. Simple changes such as adjustments to the handlebars, stem, or seat position will fine-tune the fit for maximum comfort.

Nothing plays a bigger role in riding enjoyment than ensuring your bike is the correct size. A bike that fits will soon feel like an extension of your body. It’s also crucial to prevent the injuries that can occur with an improper set-up. If a store isn’t willing to take the time to ensure the correct fit, you need to shop at a different store. At Reckless, our expert staff make sure your bike is set up to fit you correctly. We back that promise with a satisfaction guarantee.

A good bike is a great investment. Because the cycling industry is very competitive in terms of pricing, you won’t find yourself paying more ‘just for the name.’ If anything, the bigger manufacturers sometimes have better pricing due to larger production runs, but bikes within a certain price range are almost always similar in overall quality. As a rule, higher price equals more durable parts, lighter overall weight, and additional features.


Once you decide how much you can afford, the decision is one of personal preference and which model has the right features for your riding style. We recommend you consider your total budget and then work backwards. You will usually get more value and usability out of a $500 bike with $200 in accessories than a $700 bike without accessories.

We recommend you budget at least $150 – $200 for accessories. You will probably require some combination of helmet, fenders, lock, rack, pannier bags, lights, etc. At Reckless we carry accessories to meet your needs and budget.