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eBike Rental FAQ

Thank you for your interest in Electric Bike Rentals!

Before we begin please note that Electric Bike Rentals are only available at our Hornby St location!

There are a couple requirements that must be met before we can continue:

1)  Minimum rider age of 16 years if accompanied by an adult, and 18 years of age as an individual rider.

2) We need to secure a pre-authorization in the amount of
$2000.00-3500.00, depending on value of each bike, on a VISA or MasterCard for each electric bike
being rented. If the bike(s) are returned the same day we will remove the pre-authorization. If the bike(s) are a multi day rental then the pre-authorization will have to be removed by your financial institution, which may take 5-7 business days.

3) We will also need 2 pieces of Photo ID (passport, drivers license, government issued ID) that matches the name on the credit card.

4) The bikes must be able to be stored overnight in a
secure manner (Absolutely no street storage), as you will
be financially responsible for any loss or damage up to the full retail value of the bikes. (Up to $4000.00 per bike)

For more info about requirements and restrictions, please visit this link.

If you are able to meet these requirements please give our Hornby Street location a call at 604 669 8311 or email

Thank you for your interest,

The Reckless Team