Urban Arrow

Urban Arrow is a young company, founded in 2010 to build electric cargo bikes. We design our products to help you navigate the urban environment with supreme agility. Whether you have a family or you are hauling other precious cargo across the city. We help you do it cleanly and efficiently whilst adding a smile to your face.

We define the niche in which we operate as Smart Urban Mobility. This means we allow ourselves to innovate beyond the realm of the traditional cargo bike. As long as the vehicle moves people and/or cargo cleanly and efficiently it lies within our innovation realm. Over the years this has resulted in a diverse product portfolio. In 2010 and 2013 our products even won internationally recognized awards at Eurobike. Through the modular design with interchangeable front frames an Urban Arrow is a bike that can adapt to your mobility needs.

Urban Arrow approaches innovation with an open source philosophy. This means that we are open to students, bicycle fans, and dealers providing feedback and ideas that improve our products even further. So, if you have an idea that can help improve our products, we’d love to hear from and share with you!

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