Vancouver Bike Rentals: A Guide

Vancouver Bike Rentals: A Guide

Vancouver has a very strong bicycle culture, with more and more citizens are choosing a bike as their transportation, fitness and recreation. What could be better when hitting your favorite park, brewery or coffee shop, then by bike. You'll get fresh air, exercise, and avoid the traffic.

If you're visiting Vancouver for a few days, renting a bike from either our Kitsilano or Yaletown locations is an excellent option to get the most out of your vacation. Here are a few tips and guidelines for your experience.


heading East from our Yaletown location, along the seawall, you'll soon reach Science World which was formally a pavilion for the International Exhibition, Expo 86. A nice park setting, with playgrounds for the kids or visit the science centre. Nearby Olympic Village is full of great food and beverage choices.


Granville Island features the world famous market, full of local vendors, artisan products and family run businesses. A great place to pick up souvenirs and stop for lunch. Just a few minutes West of the market along the seawall you'll find Go Fish, a local "secret" spot for seafood straight off the boats.


A bit of a longer haul from downtown but well worth the trip if you are looking for a longer day. Leaving Yaletown, cross the Burrard Bridge and follow the bike lanes west. You'll soon find yourself riding through the neighborhood of  Kitsilano, along the beaches of English Bay. From Jericho beach you can hit the surf, grab a snack at a kiosk or join a volleyball game. This part of Vancouver is also well known as a BBQ destination in the evenings, with picnic tables and and BBQ pits.


A favorite of the city, this is a MUST destination during your trip. Vancouver features the world's longest continuous waterside seawalls. The tour will take approximately 4-5 hours if completing the full circuit, and 2-3 hours from our Yaletown location when going around Stanley Park only.


Vancouver has a bike helmet law, but we recommend wearing a helmet regardless. Biking is a relatively safe activity, but it only takes a small bump to the head to cause serious brain injuries, amnesia or concussions. We provide complimentary helmets with all our rentals.

Vancouver has a very high bicycle theft rate. All our rentals include complimentary locks. When riding with a group and making short pit-stops, it is recommended to always leave a few people to watch the bikes.

Don't forget sunscreen and plenty of water to keep hydrated!  

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