The history of Gazelle Bikes

The history of Gazelle Bikes

The Gazelle Bicycle company has a rich and storied history that dates back before the automobile.

Willem Kölling and Rudolf Arentsen started Gazelle in 1892, importing bikes for retail, but it wasn't until 1902 that the Gazelle brand was established and the two business partners started building their own bikes. By the 1950s Gazelle had built its millionth bike, exporting to the East Indies and Indonesia. In 1959 Gazelle invented the 3-speed grip shift gear system for bicycles, an industry first!

Although ebikes are what they are now mostly known for, Gazelle pedal bikes are highly sought after by collectors, in particular older models from the beginning of the last century.

Although ebikes are a very recent technology, an interesting trivia detail is the electric bike they developed along with electronics company Philips, which was created in 1937. Modern Gazelle ebikes are powered by Bosch drivetrain systems and controllers.

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