News on the BC E-Bike Rebate Program

News on the BC E-Bike Rebate Program

The 2023 BC e-bike Rebate Program was so popular it was quickly fully subscribed. Everyone in the bike community and BC residents who support the move away from cars and onto ebikes or public transportation would love to see this program return in 2024.

After the program filled up last year, a waiting list option was added to the program's website. We encourage anyone interested in this program to sign up right away!

No official application date has been announced for 2024, however we have seen some recent sales linked to the program, so rebates are being issued.

Reckless bikes is a qualified ebike retailer in BC. We have sold numerous ebikes to recipients of the BC ebike Rebate Program and understand the process, including required receipts, invoices and sales documents.

Call us for more information about what bikes qualify for the program.
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