Basic Bike Maintenance For Anyone

Basic Bike Maintenance For Anyone

At Reckless we always recommend bringing your bike to a professional mechanic for major service, tuning and maintenance. If you are not a skilled home mechanic with the correct tools and knowledge, you risk damaging your bike that will result in bigger costs down the road.

There are some basic tips we like to give customers, that will help prevent costly repairs and keep your bike working until you bring it in for service. Best of all, anyone can do it!


Keeping fresh oil on your chain reduces wear and friction on your drive train components. This means your shifting will work better, pedalling will be quiet and smoother, and parts will last longer. Pick up some quality oil from us at the store, and we'll show you how to do it! It works like an eye-dropper, with the goal being to put one drop on each link, slowly and carefully.


The biggest source of flat tires is underinflated tires, which leads to the rim pinching the tube causing a whole. Your tires will have the correct pressure stamped on the side for reference. Stop in the shop and pick up a quality pump from us to use at home.


And of course, we always offer free air and oil to our customers and visitors, so don't hesitate to drop buy for all your basic maintenance needs!

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