Babboe Recall Notice

Babboe Recall Notice

Health Canada has issued a recall notice for all Babboe cargo bikes.

According to the statement, there is a risk of fall hazard and the official instructions from Health Canada are to immediately stop using the recalled product and contact Babboe directly.

A website to register your Babboe bike is now live for the USA and Canada.

We advise that everyone who has any Babboe to cease riding the bike and register their bike on the recall website. Once registered, the next step will be to await collection of your bike to be recycled, after which a refund for the purchase price of the bike will be issued from Babboe. You do not need to return your bike to the bike shop you purchased it at. Please see the messaging below and link to the website:

We are deeply saddened for this news as we know that Babboe cargo bikes have brought so much joy to parents and kids alike. We thank you all for your cooperation and patience during this time.

We at Reckless have been fans and suppporters of the Babboe brand and are confident they will take good care of their current owners, as well as work on bringing their cargo bike products back to market.

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