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Bikes Sales

“Ride as much or as little, as long or as short as you feel. But ride!”

Eddy Merkx

Hybrid Bikes

No they’re not electric, yet these bikes can do almost anything. Originally designed as a cross between road and mountain bikes, hence the name, they have become the most popular type of bike sold today. Lightweight, utilitarian, and reliable these bikes can handle the weekday commute, a Sunday ride around the seawall, or a trip to the bank. They are the perfect do it all bike for the city resident, with the added advantage of being available at many different price points to suit every budget.

City Bikes

Boasting great looks, European flair, all in a low maintenance package, whether the destination is the office or brunch these bikes let you roll around the city in style! Add a basket for your puppy to complete the look.

Road Bikes

What’s better than a spin class? A spin class outside obviously! The ideal bike for someone not afraid to break a sweat, they are lightweight, responsive and fast. What are you waiting for, put on those lycra shorts and get on a road bike, Cypress is calling!

Comfort Hybrid

As the name suggest it’s a hybrid: just more comfortable! Wider tires, a more upright seating position, and suspension, if speed is not a priority this might be the bike for you. Great if you just want to enjoy some fresh air, get from A to B in something other than a car, or go pick up some milk from the super market.

Gravel Bikes

Similar to a road bike but if the road ends, you can keep going. An increasingly more popular alternative to the road bike, gravel bikes can be just as fun yet more usable on a day to day basis. Think of it as a step up from a hybrid bike. Perfect if you’re looking for something fast yet highly versatile that can handle the weekday commute and the weekend adventure.

Custom Builds

We also offer custom road and gravel bike building. Custom gravel bikes are based around the Marin Headlands frameset and start around $3500. At this time customers looking for a road bike build must supply their own frame (we can point you in the right direction though). This is a very personalized service, and so we are very flexible regarding details and specification. Feel free to contact us directly at our Davie Street location (604)-648-2600 for more information.