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More and more people within our fair city have come to discover the benefits of biking – either in place of a car, or in combination with it. And among we cyclists, most of us have that one, vehicle-dependant friend who’s reached a personal tipping point with the cost of relying solely on their car, and dealing with constant gridlock, and acknowledging a feeling their life has become a little too sedentary for the good of their health. They’re sure they’ll be integrating some kind of bike into their daily life soon, and can often be seen gazing wistfully at riders-by while gassing-up at the station, preparing for the hit to their wallet, and asking themselves “why?”…

For cyclists, soon-to-be cyclists, and interested observers alike, Reckless Bikes strives to remain both a reliable resource, and Vancouver’s trusted bike sales, rentals and repairs experts. We’re here to answer questions, match bikes to lifestyles, and, to ensure a range of expectations are not just met, but surpassed.

In the spirit of helping you keep up with what’s going on in the #YVRBikeLife, (as they say); what’s On Special in our stores; and where we’ll be offering free maintenance and tune-up services during charitable, recreational and cultural events, we’ll be making the most of social media to convey all of this information, and the odd chuckle-worthy commentary too.

Like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and, for that friend of yours who’s on the fence bike-wise? Tag ‘em, give them a shoutout, invite them into the fold. After all, Reckless may be big on bikes, but we’re even bigger on community.

Looking forward to connecting with you “on the line.”

Until then, #RideHappy, folks.