Urban Arrow Shorty Electric 400wh UA4


This tiny giant is the perfect alternative to a scooter, or even a car.

Why you want an Urban Arrow

  • Nimble & Quick

    The short wheel base of the Shorty makes it handle much like a regular bicycle. It makes inner city transport feel like a walk in the park.

  • Bike Lane SUV

    Roughly the same length as a regular bike the Shorty’s load capacity may surprise you. It really is the Short Utility Vehicle of the bike lane.

  • Loading Volume

    As bike lane SUV the Shorty has a load capacity that exceeds expectation. It fits volume of up to 150 liter or a maximum weight capacity of 85kg in its cargo space.

    For a complete specs list, please click here.


Mighty quiet and incredibly agile

This is the lightest Urban Arrow. Don’t let its weight fool you though because it packs quite a nice punch. That’s why we see the Shorty being used to replace scooters with increasing frequency. It has all the speed minus the fumes and the racket. The Shorty is mighty quiet and incredibly agile.

Pedal power to the Urbanite!

The ongoing influx of people causes urban areas to grow and most big cities, as a consequence, suffer from traffic congestion. On the Shorty you can zip right past all that nonsense and with the Bosch pedal assist you will arrive at your destination without even breaking a sweat.


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