eBike Trail Riding

By Melody Chan

I recently spent a May long weekend with my friends at Lake Cowichan, BC which is located on Vancouver Island. It was planned ahead of time that we would do some trail riding so I brought my eProdigy electric bike with me.

We decided to bike along the Cowichan Valley Trail, a spectacular multi-use trail that is an integral part of the Trans-Canada Trail route on Southern Vancouver Island. It’s a beautiful and relatively easy trail to ride.

I don’t normally ride trails. I primarily use my ebike for commuting, not trail riding, but there’s a first time for everything! I had no idea how much fun trail riding is! It’s a different feeling altogether and cycling through nature brings out awesome feelings. I felt free, relaxed and energized.
I was extremely glad I brought my ebike.
I went on this bike ride with 9 of my friends, 7 of which are fairly athletic men. In any given activity, my guy friends would be stronger, faster, and generally better than me. If I had brought a regular bike, I wouldn’t have been able to keep up with them. Even though the Cowichan Valley Trail is an easy ride with minimal hills, my friends would probably ride much faster than me. If I was to ride by myself, then I’m sure I would’ve been happy pedaling a regular bike, but I was with a group. I just didn’t want to slow anyone down. I also don’t like lagging behind and missing out on all the great ride moments with my friends when we ride through new areas and marvel at the wonders along the trail together. I guess I could have considered the ride a work-out and push my body to exercise, but I am not that kind of rider and I wanted to just enjoy the trail, not make it my regimen. Riding my ebike is exactly what I needed to fully and completely enjoy this trail riding experience with all my friends. I had so much fun!
With my ebike I could keep up with my cyclist friends or lead them and even ride ahead of the pack. It was cool to do it all without ever having to catch my breath. I think an ebike can really give timid or novice riders the opportunity to ride with people of all levels. An ebike offers options, accessibility, and freedom, including trail riding. Sounds like a guaranteed good time!