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Brodie  Brodie

Being a local, family-run brand, their roots are important to them, and the man behind the brand name is Paul Brodie. Originally an artist and motorcycle fanatic, he began painting and brass-welding frames for mountain bikes in 1985. It wasn’t long before he invented the trademark Vancouver sloping top tube, launching a brand of bikes bearing the Brodie name. On September 29th, 2005, Paul was inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame at Interbike in Las Vegas, creating an international fan base for the Vancouver brand. Today, Brodie bikes are a product of our passion for cycling and a proud part of our local community.

The Vancouver cycling community is diverse: daily road commuters, slow seawall cruisers, gritty cyclocross racers, forest trail blazers, epic mountain bikers – and Brodie embraces them all, building bikes to fit any lifestyle. Developed with the individual rider in mind, Brodie bikes are built to blaze the trails of your choosing.

They don’t make hundreds of different models – they focus on making original, quality bikes from concept to production so the bike you love now, is the bike you’ll love for the years to come.

Here are some of our favorite models. All other models are available, just ask us!