Babboe is Europe’s largest cargo bike manufacturer and you only have to spend five minutes in Holland to see five or six ride by. No one understands quality like the Dutch. Things are made to last, Babboe provides a high quality, low maintenance, rust resistant platform that features marine-grade impact-resistant boxes and Yamaha e-assist motors (which are the very best).

In the Netherlands, biking is like breathing. The Dutch learn to bike before they know how to walk, so it’s no wonder that the cargo bike is the chosen mode of transportation for millions of parents. Babboe is a company that prides itself on being “by parents, for parents”. And they certainly deliver. Between the three-wheeled Curve or Big and the two-wheeled City, riders can find the bike that’s right for them and their family.

While Babboe caters to the family market, they are also an ideal promotional vehicle for organizations, business, and not-for-profits.

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  • Babboe Big Cargo Bike

  • babboe carve electric bike - Reckless bikes Vancouver

    Babboe Carve electric Cargo Bike

  • Babboe City Cargo

  • Babboe City Mountain E-Bike

  • Babboe Curve Cargo Bike

  • Babboe Curve Mountain E-Bike

  • Babboe Dog

  • Babboe Mini Mountain Cargo Electric Bike

  • babboe slim mountain e cargo bike

    Babboe Slim Mountain Cargo Electric Bike