Be a Part of Our Community

More and more people within our fair city have come to discover the benefits of biking – either in place of a car, or in combination with it. And among we cyclists, most of us have that one, vehicle-dependant friend who’s reached a personal tipping point with the cost of relying solely on their car, […]

Discovery Trail: Your Holiday Weekend Cycle Staycation

As much fun as it can be to pack up and head to the airport in pursuit of custom cycle tours through Burgundy, or a seaside journey along the rugged Italian coastline, sometimes it’s nice to keep it simple. And by simple we don’t mean plain. Simple, in west coast terms, means easy access to Super […]

Ticket 4 Ride

#TICKET4RIDE Use Your Parking Ticket To Get A Discount On Your Next Bike Being the owner of a motor vehicle in Vancouver can be an expensive and even a challenging ordeal.  From the cost of gas and insurance to the frustrations associated with traffic congestion and lack of parking, it can be a trying time […]

Going Electric? Here’s Our eBike Primer

When it comes to making the switch to electric, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. Needless to say, with the options available to new and experienced ebike riders out there, it’s at least as research-worthy as a bike purchase and probably more so. In this omnibus blog post (which we’ll be […]

Season 30, Episode 1: A Reckless Reflection, Part 2

“I thought of that while riding my bike” Albert Einstein (on the theory of relativity)   Dear friends, Last week I shared with you some Reckless reflections on the business that I started 30 years ago this season. Well here’s part II of the post where I get to share a bit more about what […]

Season 30, Episode 1: A Reckless Reflection, Part 1

  Dear Friends, Neighbors, Clients and bike enthusiasts from across our fair city, This year marks a very special one for Reckless Bike Stores, and as the weather turns warm I wanted to welcome you all to join us in the celebration. 30 years ago this season I signed the very first lease on our […]